Start-UpA business venture always starts with an idea. To break new ground, it takes people who have the courage to put their ideas into practice – which often means going against the trend. As a result of the recent developments in the energy sector, new business fields have been emerging which no-one could have imagined a few years ago. Neither does time stand still in other industries, such as media, telecommunications and transport.

However, a good business idea is one thing – overcoming bureaucratic obstacles and giving due regard to the legal, tax and commercial aspects is another. As a forward-thinking company, BBH provides business advice not only to well-established companies but also to start-ups and new market players. We flexibly apply tried-and-tested rules to new ideas and thus make your start as an entrepreneur much easier.

When advising new business founders, we undertake a detailed review of the business model together with the founder, including the earnings, financial and liquidity planning as well as the business plan so as to prepare the new entrepreneurs in the best way possible for their negotiations with banks and investors.

Our lawyers assist you in deciding on the most appropriate structure for your business under company law. Be it a GbR (civil-law partnership), GmbH (German limited liability company) or an AG (joint stock company), we find the perfect legal form for your company. Furthermore, we provide you with the necessary contracts, e.g. articles of association, management employment contracts, service contracts and/or confidentiality agreements.

To allow you to focus on the operational development of your company, our auditors and tax advisors take care of the financial accounting and controlling for you. This includes the preparation of tax returns and annual financial statements.

Our experts register your trade mark on your behalf and check the legal requirements regarding your market communication. In addition, we support you in all data protection matters.

Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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