Public Sector

Öffentliche HandWe provide public-sector advice at all levels – whether at municipal, federal, state or European level and we assist our clients in projects of regional, national and international dimension.

At the municipal level, BBH not only provides advice on remunicipalisation and privatisation projects, but also on the reorganisation of the municipalities’ business activities. Where municipalities are developing land for construction, we create legal certainty through integrated legal and financial advice, be it for the establishment of businesses, residential housing or for infrastructural facilities such as (pre)schools or wind energy projects. Our expertise also extends to municipal climate protection projects and energy efficiency programmes. In the area of public lighting, we help municipalities optimise the operation of their facilities. By means of analysing the existing economic, legal and technical situation, we help identify areas of potential improvements. Where a complete reorganisation of the operation seems to be appropriate, we are able to guide the municipalities through this process.

Towns and municipalities are responsible for safeguarding services of public interest. But at the same time, they are also social spaces: tourist destinations and centres of cultural, educational and leisure activities. In this area too, we advise our municipal clients as auditors and business consultants.

BBH also assists the federal and state governments in legislative projects. In this, we are not only familiar with the relevant theoretic principles, but also with their practical impact on businesses. Thus, we aim at contributing our experience in the process of creating sets of regulations that take into account all important aspects. This concerns not only national legislation, but also extends to the European level.

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JUVE 2016/2017:

“Excellent relations with the municipal sector and a high level of market penetration”