MedienbrancheIntellectual property protection is not an easy task – this is particularly true for the digital age. Performance rights organisations are thus ever more important players in the media industry. They are acting in the interest of the authors, protecting them from any unauthorised use or performance. At the same time they ensure that authors are compensated fairly if someone makes use of their works. In this way, it is guaranteed that artists can earn a living and value is added to the creation of musical work.

The consulting services of BBH in this area cover in particular the upfront preparation of legal frameworks for music and film productions as well as advertisement campaigns. Moreover, we provide legal assistance during the entire production period. We make sure that your copyright and related rights are upheld, if necessary before the courts.

Among our clients in this area is one of the world’s largest collecting societies. With respect to publishing law, our clients include in particular music and book publishers as well as film distributors, composers and authors, which we advise mainly in relation to publishing and production contracts. Furthermore, we have a special focus on new media and the related innovative types of use. Our clients in this area benefit from our extensive sector-specific expertise regarding copyright and publishing law.

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