Wasser/AbwasserHaving a functioning water supply and sanitation system is regarded as a matter of course in our country. In order to ensure that this remains the case, water supply and sanitation companies have to be able to concentrate on their core business tasks. In times of an increasing influence from Europe, the activities of cartel authorities, the falling water demand and other challenges this is far from being easy.

We advise and support our clients on all levels of the water cycle, be they municipal utilities, water associations, special purpose associations or municipalities. We counsel our clients on all legal aspects and issues connected with water abstraction, supply, purification and distribution as well as on the legal relations with their own customers from the water and wastewater sectors. We also provide advice on matters related to wastewater transport and treatment as well as the discharging of treated wastewater into a body of water. Counselling companies in the water sector also touches on other areas such as municipal law (e.g. municipal tax law), operation and construction contracts, sewage sludge disposal and the optimisation of energy generation and procurement.

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