Trade/Financial Services

EnergiehandelBBH advises not only stakeholders in the wholesale markets, but also banks and financial services providers in their specific areas of operation.

Our clients are predominantly active in the commodity wholesale markets, which also includes electricity, gas, oil, coal and metals trade. These markets, and therefore also the market participants, are all subject to their own regulatory regime, and, in some instances, also to the Financial Market Authority. This means that a multitude of rules and notification obligations apply – from the European requirements to the Banking Act (KWG) and the Securities Trading Act (WpHG). We are familiar with both the financial and the commodities market. And we know how they are interconnected.

We support our clients in their respective roles: Some of them use the wholesale market for procurement or optimisation purposes; others act as traders in the fast business with physical and financial standard products. Others again offer specialised services, such as brokering services, trading platforms, transacting or consultancy services. In this regard, we also assist our clients if they require a banking or financial services licence to carry out their business.

Our client base includes energy traders, energy supply and distribution companies, brokers, exchanges, banks and trading platforms from all over Europe and the United States.

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