IndustrieOur full service offer also covers the area of industrial production processes. Here, we advise industrials on virtually every relevant legal field. We provide support to, among others, representatives of the chemical, metal, paper, glass and food industry as well as operators of industrial sites and airports advising them comprehensively in their economic endeavours.

In our advisory activities, we frequently draw on our expertise in energy matters and assist industrial companies, among others, in cutting energy costs. There is room for savings not only in the areas of surcharges, grid costs and energy taxation but also in the field of CO2 costs and energy procurement. Companies can often realise further potential by setting up their own generation facilities and by using an energy management system.

There is a growing demand for advisory services among operators of energy supply networks at airports and industrial sites. Unless the energy supply facilities are classified as so-called customer facilities in line with energy law, an exhaustive set of rules supplementing the generation and supply obligations to companies on site is to be observed by the operators of area networks that constitute so-called closed distribution networks or even public supply grids. In this case, an effective regulation management is of vital importance.

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