Health Care

GesundheitswesenThe human health and social work activities sector is one of the largest employers in Germany and a driver of economic growth. At the same time, the challenges presented by the demographic shift and the increasing digitisation also impact the healthcare sector. In addition, it has to respond to the demand for increased efficiency as well as the rising pressure on costs. Topics such as recruitment, employee retention and new remuneration schemes as well as working time models are becoming ever more significant in light of, in particular, the existing shortage of qualified staff and the current developments in employment and labour law that are likely to lead to tighter regulations as a result of the ECJ ruling on the subject matter of “stand-by duty”.

Being subject to comprehensive state regulation, the healthcare sector also has to deal with a large number of new laws and ordinances. Hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes for the elderly and other service providers in the healthcare sector have to face and respond to the changing framework conditions. In the last few years, companies in the healthcare sector have been focussing primarily on economic issues as a result of, among other factors, a decline in public funding. The market was and still is predominantly shaped by cooperation models as well as restructuring and reorganisation measures.

Furthermore, there are entirely new topics which are gaining importance. Take, for example, the energy management of health facilities and the energy law regulations applicable in this context.

Our interdisciplinary teams of auditors, tax advisors, lawyers and consultants not only have a thorough understanding of the above matters but also draw on extensive sector-specific experience, which allows them to solve complex issues quickly and efficiently.

Our healthcare advisory practice includes annual audits and audits of consolidated financial statements, business and tax advice as well as employment and labour law, company law and procurement law. We also have specific expertise in energy and infrastructure law as well as electricity and energy tax law.

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