Renewable Energy

Erneuerbare EnergienThanks to its carefully-targeted expansion over the last decades, renewable energy today makes an invaluable contribution to a resource-saving, environmentally-friendly and sustainable electricity and heat supply. This form of energy is becoming more and more significant for energy supply, particularly now that the nuclear phase-out is a settled matter and Germany’s security of supply is to be guaranteed. The rapid increase in renewable energy supply brought about by the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), however, raises a multitude of legal problems and disputes – also due to the fact that amendments to the Act are issued at increasingly short intervals.

For plant operators uncertainties particularly arise in the areas of conceptual design, licensing, financing and construction as well as grid connection and grid integration of renewable energy plants. Furthermore, plant problems may arise after the commissioning stage, be it wind farms (onshore, offshore), biomass plants, hydroelectric power plants, solar parks or geothermal installations. We provide advice in all of these areas.

Our clients include municipal utilities acting as grid operators, installation operators and electricity traders, many independent installation operators, energy supply companies, engineering companies and developers, management companies and banks as well as energy-intensive companies. Providing advice at political level on the further development of the legal framework in the field of renewable energy sources as well as closely linked issues such as the timely availability of storage capacities is also an important part of our practice.

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