Renewable Energy

Erneuerbare EnergienRenewable energy today is indispensable in attaining a sustainable electricity and heat supply, thereby having a positive effect on resources and the environment. In the course of the energy transition, particularly the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources is becoming ever more important. In an almost “all electric world”, renewable energy sources constitute the basis of the entire energy supply system: in the electricity and heat sector as well as in the transport sector and the industry. The buzzword here is “sector coupling”.


Our legal advisory services cover all matters related to the generation, transport, buying and selling as well as the use of renewable electricity and renewable energy sources (in particular biomass and synthetic fuels).

Our clients include municipal utility companies acting as grid operators, installation operators and electricity traders, numerous independent installation operators, energy supply companies, planning and projecting companies, management companies and banks as well as energy-intensive electricity customers. Another important part of our practice in this context is the provision of advice to political bodies on the further development of the legal framework for the cross-sectoral energy transition.

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