Video and Audio Contributions

Jörg Kuhbier receives the German Renewables Award for his lifetime achievements

Our colleague and former senator for environmental affairs Jörg Kuhbier was awarded the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster (EEHH) prize in the category “lifetime achievements” in November 2017. For the awards ceremony, a video portrait of Jörg Kuhbier was produced and is available online (in German only).

Christian Held about the challenges in the gas market

At the E-world in February 2017 our colleague Christian Held was invited for a chat by Energy News TV. They talked about the recent challenges in the gas market and focussed on the question which further role gas will actually play in the context of the energy transition in Germany.

Belgian radio: Interview with Dr Dörte Fouquet

How can local stakeholders benefit from renewable energy? Our colleague Dr Dörte Fouquet spoke to the Belgian radio about this topic in an interview within the framework of a symposium at the Ministry of the German-speaking Community in Eupen/Belgium on 17/01/2017.

SPD Economic Forum held kick-off event - vice-president Dr Ines Zenke among the attendees

On 13 April 2015, the kick-off event of the Economic Forum of the SPD took place in the Meistersaal at Potsdamer Platz. On this occasion, more than 300 representatives from different economic sectors, politics and media met in Berlin to discuss current economic policy issues as well as their expectations for the Economic Forum, which was established in February 2015. Lawyer and BBH partner Dr Ines Zenke is among the Forum's board members who have a proven business background. Click here to view a collage of the event and the opening speech by Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Sigmar Gabriel.

WDR Siegen: Interview with Dr. Max Reicherzer, expert lawyer for administrative law

Everyone is well aware by now that renewable energy is affecting our electricity bill. But energy transition can also be a source of income for the ordinary citizen – not only through solar panels on the roof, but also through wind power. Different participation models allow anyone to invest in the so-called "citizen wind turbines" which offer rather attractive possibilities. However, there are several things to consider when investing in such projects. Dr. Max Reicherzer, expert lawyer for administrative law, provides a summary on the most important aspects to be taken in account. Municipalities who want to ensure that their sites are developed by reputable project engineers should secure locations early by concluding relevant planning contracts. By doing so, municipalities will be able to set appropriate criteria for the allocation of plots.

Panel discussion: "Higher electricity prices due to energy transition – Myth or reality"

A panel discussion on the topic "Higher electricity prices due to energy transition - Myth or reality" marked the end of the EfA congress on renewable energy on Sunday, 29 April 2012. Lawyer Oliver Eifertinger, one of the participants, presented the relevant facts in a clear and concise manner. Providing a spirited overview of the liberalised energy market, he discussed the development of the German energy landscape with representatives from politics and economy, focussing on how it affected the general population. The discussion also shed some light on the formation of electricity prices as well as the big issues of network operation and energy generation.

Public consultation on the topic of "Energy transition – Where do we stand? What is left to do?" in Potsdam on 28 June 2012: Interview with Dr. Ines Zenke, expert lawyer for administrative law

Everybody loves a happy ending - in the cinema and even more so in real life. Dr. Ines Zenke, expert lawyer for administrative law, will sum up what is needed to ensure a happy ending for the energy transition; At he public consultation on the topic "Energy transition – Where do we stand? What is left to do?", hosted among others by Prof. Dr. Dr. Klaus Töpfer.