The Company: From employment law advice to board consulting

CorporateNo matter the business sector, there are certain issues that each and every company must deal with. Our business consultancy services, thus, cover corporate law, compliance, employment law and debt recovery support.

As the markets continue to evolve, many companies are challenged to refocus on competition. As corporate law experts, we provide counsel on company formation, e.g. the foundation of a company, subsidiaries and joint ventures. This also includes advice on the choice of the legal form which best meets the company’s needs in terms of taxation and corporate law as well as counsel on situations where the involvement of a private investor may be advantageous. We also assist investors in the acquisition of an undertaking or any parts thereof. In addition, we also support companies in turnaround management and also in the event of insolvency, if it cannot be prevented through prior corporate restructuring.

The purpose of compliance is to design all operative and administrative processes of a company in a way that prevents infringements of company-internal rules or legal regulations to the greatest possible extent. We consider the management of compliance risks to constitute an integral part of a company’s overall risk management and thus of its internal control system. We believe that a company’s entire risk management should be defined and standardised in the context of corporate governance. Based on this comprehensive approach, we provide interdisciplinary advice on all organisational and legal issues. Of course, our services also include complaints management.

Throughout the corporate world, employment law is growing in significance. Ensuring that the fundamental employment law requirements are adhered to is a prerequisite for the successful organisation, restructuring and strategic orientation of a company. With our integrated approach combining expertise in corporate, employment and taxation law as well as our experience with a multitude of employment-related court and arbitration cases, we are well-positioned to respond to any legal questions that may arise in this regard.

In times of generally declining solvency and bad payment behaviour, an effective debt recovery management is indispensable. Thanks to many years of experience in recovering overdue debts, among others on behalf of the world’s largest performance rights society and numerous energy supply companies, we guarantee a speedy and complete debt collection service. Furthermore, we assist you in asserting your rights against the insolvent debtor and the insolvency administrator. We help you make the right decision in every circumstance and we also advise and represent you in all debt recovery and insolvency proceedings.

We offer our receivables management clients access to an online information system which allows them to get up-to-date information about the progress of their cases at any time.

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