Public Law

Öffentliches RechtPublic Law is directed at agents of public power. It governs the relationship between the state and its citizens on the one hand, and the interrelationship between the different government authorities on the other. We provide advice on a broad spectrum of public law matters ranging from building law to environmental law and from technology law to rights of way and municipal as well as constitutional law, European law and state aid law.

In the area of building law, we particularly focus on public building law. Large infrastructure projects are subject to planning and permission procedures. We guide our clients through these procedures, advising them from as early as the planning and project stages on how to complete the necessary procedures as quickly and smoothly as possible. We prepare the proposals for the administrative authorities, make recommendations on design alternatives and draw up the relevant urban development contracts. Furthermore, we assist with the acquisition of land and the securing of sites.

With respect to environmental and technology law, we counsel our clients on all questions of pollution control law, water law, nature conservation law as well as the closed substance cycle and waste management law. Particularly industrial plants and energy generation installations require official approval from the relevant authorities. We know all the issues that may be encountered in this context, from the initial feasibility study, to the approval procedure through to possible judicial disputes. The European emissions trading system as an instrument of climate politics also plays a role here. In this context, we currently assist a large number of companies in enforcing their interests in review and appeal proceedings. Moreover, we also help companies objecting against fee assessments or the usage conditions at the Emissions Trading Registry.  

Public law also encompasses the area of concessions. We counsel our clients on all questions related to easements of access, pipeline wayleaves and rights of way.

In the field of municipal law, our comprehensive advisory services integrate legal, business and taxation expertise offered to municipalities, municipal associations, companies and public administration bodies. This includes e.g. advice on the creation and strategic orientation of municipal undertakings for the purpose of ensuring an economic and effective self-government as well as the development of and assistance with Public Private Partnership (PPP) models. Moreover, we advise the government, the federal states and other public bodies on financial and/or constitutional questions. A particular expertise of BBH lies in subsidies law questions.

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