privacy statement

In this Privacy Statement we will inform you on how we collect, treat and use information.

1. Collection and usage of information

Generally, no registration is required in order to visit and use our website. If you visit our site, we only collect anonymised information (initial URL, IP address, date and time of the visit) for statistical purposes and to analyse this information to improve the site and our services. This information will not be compared with or included in other databases.

We will only process and use your data for the relevant purposes when you submit your personal data, (e.g. name, address, any other contact details), for instance through the form “contact us” on the site or when you apply for a job or register for an event. We will maintain confidentiality of and use your information in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation, in particular the German Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz) and the German Tele-Media Act (Telemediengesetz).

2. Consent on data use and cancellation

As a user, you always volunteer your personal or business data, for instance name and addresses. By submitting this information the user expressly agrees that we may collect, process and use the data for the purposes specified above. The user may revoke this consent to the processing and use of data, at any time with effect for the future, in writing or by sending an e-mail to derenergieblog(at)

3. Cookies

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are data files which are downloaded to your computer and serve to analyse the visits to our website and to improve the site. The user may prevent the download of cookies by adequately adjusting the browser software options. In this case, the user may still access the site, but may encounter functional restrictions.

4. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

We will not disclose personal information to third parties unless

  • this is required to fulfil contractual obligations,
  • you have given your consent to the disclosure
  • and order by the authorities or court has been issued.

5. Links

As far as our website contains links to external sites, please note that we have no control over whether the operators of these linked websites comply with data protection provisions. This privacy statement thus refers exclusively to the content provided on this site.

6. Personal enquiries

Pursuant to the German Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz), the user has the right to request information on the data stored during the visit, free of charge, and may request that this data be corrected, blocked or deleted. If you have further questions on data protection and the processing of your personal data, please contact us by letter or e-mail to derenergieblog(at) Your contact for data protection is Ms. Katja Seidel.

7. Integration of social plug-ins into this website

7.1 General provisions

This website uses plug-ins of various social networks (Facebook’s “Like button“; the “Google+ button”; the “Twitter button“). By accessing our website, a connection will be established between your browser and the operator of the respective social network. If you are logged-on as a user of the social network during your visit or log-on afterwards, clicking on the plug-ins may link our website content to your personal profile on the relevant social network. This allows the operator of the social network to match the visit of our website and the account of the logged-on user. In this case, the social network operator also places a cookie on your computer. The operator-specific particularities of this process are presented in sections 2. to 4. covering the respective operators.

We do not precisely know which data is collected by the social network operators. In this context, please consult the data privacy statements of the relevant operators of social networks:
Facebook (Data Use Policy):
Facebook (plug-ins): .
Google (Privacy Policy):
Google (plug-ins):
Twitter (Privacy Policy):

We gather no information as to which social plug-ins you have used and when, but solely receive a summarised non-personal statistic on the use of social plug-ins in relation to our website.

We solely use the data that is available to us in order to offer you the respective service. Should we intend to use your data for any other purpose, we will only do so to the extent that is legally permitted or in the case that you have granted us permission to do so.

7.2 Facebook

Our website contains pages on which you may find the “Like” button – a social plug-in of the social network Facebook, 1601 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, United States. You will be able to identify it from its Facebook logo.

With the “Like” button you can tell other Facebook users which articles you like/recommend. 

When you use the “Like” button, you enable Facebook to process further data e.g. by placing cookies which may allow Facebook to obtain further information on your user behaviour.

If you are logged into Facebook when clicking on the “Like” button, Facebook can match this action with your Facebook profile and thus collect and store further usage data. It is thus possible to create user profiles which go beyond the information you voluntarily disclose on Facebook.

7.3 Google+

Our website contains pages which use the “Google+” button – a social plug-in operated by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States. The button is recognisable by the “g+1” symbol.
When you use our pages which contain a “Google+” button, information may be transmitted to Google via the direct connection established with Google’s servers, even when you are not logged into Google. Furthermore, information is also collected from logged-in members of the social network Google+. If you want to prevent this, please log out of Google+ before visiting our website.

7.4 Twitter

Our website contains pages on which you may find a “Twitter” button – a social plug-in operated by the American microblogging service Twitter, Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, United States. This button is recognisable by the Twitter logo and the inscription “tweet”. When you use pages containing a Twitter button, information may be transmitted to Twitter via the direct connection established with Twitter‘s servers, even when you are not logged into Twitter. Upon clicking on the Twitter button and transmitting (“tweeting”) information via the opening Twitter window, this information will be published in your Twitter user profile.

8. Update of this Privacy Statement

Data protection and collection requirements are subject to constant revision. Therefore, we reserve the right to amend this Privacy Statement. This Privacy Statement is dated 24/03/2014.