Working Across Boundaries

BBH is currently advising around 200 clients in the field of European emissions trading. Our interdisciplinary advisory approach, however, reaches far beyond the boundaries of energy law, as evidenced by our work for our industrial clients. What begins as expert consulting on emissions trade, for example, often leads to a more comprehensive and equally productive advisory relationship.

A case in point: We were recommended to a food corporation for our expertise in the emission allowances application process and  optimised the corporation’s application strategy. Our interdisciplinary approach integrating technical and economic expertise subsequently enabled us to assist the corporation in acquiring a power plant for self-supply. The requirements for this project were diverse, encompassing due diligence and the contract negotiations relating to the acquisition as well as the identification of complex risks, such as those arising from the Renewable Energy Sources Act. Together with Becker Büttner Held Consulting AG, we then advised the corporation with regard to tendering in the context of industrial gas procurement, how to set up an energy management system and many other matters.

Energy is an important cost factor for industrial companies. However, our clients have other concerns as well, and as their confidence in our interdisciplinary advisory approach grows over the course of our work together, they often ask us to assist them in additional areas. In the case of the above-mentioned food corporation, assignments outside the scope of energy law followed: We revised the corporation’s General Terms and Conditions for the purchase and sale of raw materials and end products. We assisted the company during the construction of a new facility, particularly regarding immission control law. We also consulted with the client on their tax law and compliance-related security management needs, as well as taking on assignments in the areas of trade mark protection and cartel law.

Just as our own partnership evolved from energy law issues, many of our firm’s assignments today grow from our advisory activities in this same field. The experts of BBH are consistently able to demonstrate their interdisciplinary knowledge, and do so with the utmost care and meticulous attention to detail.