Pooling Interests.

The German Energy Industry Act (Energiewirtschaftsgesetz) was amended in 2005. Since that time, access to energy and gas grids has no longer been freely negotiable, but rather subject to official regulation. To address this growing regulatory burden, 350 distribution network operators joined the platform that was founded by BBH: AK REGTP.

As early as 2004, our experts foresaw the consequences of the amended Energy Industry Act, namely that requiring prior approval of grid charges before invoicing was just a first step towards an ever more complex regulatory framework. We therefore founded the “Arbeitskreis Regulierung Elektrizität Gas Telekommunikation Post” (AK REGTP) – a name based on the former name of the federal regulation authority BNetzA (REGTP) – even before the new act entered into force. Today, more than 350 municipal distribution network operators have joined this platform, where we provide answers to questions relating to legal, technical and economic aspects of the energy market. This enables our clients to benefit from a pool of jointly developed knowledge. AK REGTP also serves as a network allowing its members to exchange ideas quickly and work together in developing and implementing solutions.

Interdisciplinary cooperation with our highly specialised experts and active discussion among members mean that solutions are developed jointly and practical assistance can be provided. Because many regulatory issues affect all municipalities, interests can be pooled with a view to forming a shared understanding. This strengthens the position of each and every client vis-à-vis the authorities.

AK REGTP is one of many examples of how we are pooling interests through cooperation and dialogue to develop pioneering solutions for our clients.