Integrated Expertise.

Our interdisciplinary full-service approach has proven itself successful. Our comprehensive network enables us not only to provide solutions on isolated matters of law, but also to shed light on the surrounding economic context in order to develop long-term solutions.

BBH works in particularly close cooperation with invra Treuhand AG, whose services complement our competencies in important areas, with a portfolio encompassing auditing, tax and business consulting, financial and payroll accounting as well as bookkeeping and trusteeship. Private businesses, municipal enterprises and special purpose associations, foundations and institutions under public law put their trust in invra, whose advisory services also extend to our international clients. As a member of AGN International, invra has a global network of accounting and consulting firms at its disposal.

Becker Büttner Held Consulting AG is another member of the BBH Group, whose mission is to serve as a leading provider of consultancy services for companies in the energy and infrastructure sector.

Our clientele numbers more than 450 mostly municipal energy supply companies as well as numerous commercial and industrial clients, including almost all major commercial airports in Germany. All our clients benefit from an approach in which the developed solutions are put into practice jointly. The Trans Adriatic Pipeline project is one example of this highly productive cooperation with our consultants, in a situation where we contributed not only our specialist knowledge in international law, but also our technical expertise.

Partnerships with academic institutions and working groups further complement our network. As an AEEC (Associated European Energy Consultants) member, we are extraordinarily well connected at an international level. This mutual exchange adds to the strengths of everyone involved – to the benefit of our clients.