26th BBH Energy Conference in Brussels: Renewable Energies and Flexible Industrial Consumption

How can renewable energy and the industry be aligned in an even more effective way? High-level representatives of different sectors and an international audience addressed this fundamental question on 8 November 2017 in Brussels, as is tradition, in a rather casual manner, which was not least due to BBH hosts Dr. Dörte Fouquet and Prof. Christian Held, who jointly moderated the conference.

At first glance, renewable energy and the industry do not really seem to go together: On the one hand, there is the volatility and the struggling with the base load capacity, on the other hand, the enormous energy consumption and the need for constant, secure energy supply. As is often the case in life, it is worth taking a closer look, though. For renewable energy and the industry are actually linked; in some areas they even complement each other. Thus, the counterpart for the volatility of renewable energy is the flexibility of the industry. For many energy-intensive businesses it is or would be possible to organise their consumption in a flexible manner based on the specific situation of energy generation, thus balancing fluctuations in the network – if they were only asked to do so by, for example, a distribution system operator which, in turn, would actually benefit from such a scenario. “How can we create a win-win-situation?” This was the central question that high-ranking representatives from the field of politics, the industry, the energy sector and science asked themselves at the 26th BBH Energy Conference in Brussels. The conference also allowed for the presentation of the results of the interdisciplinary research programme Horizon 2020 and the discussion about how industrial companies are handling the changes in the energy generation market.

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